Maria Pavlovska | Grants












2000: Nova Makedonija publishing house. Grant for publication for catalog for solo show “Black and White stories”,

          Skopje Summer Festival, Skopje. Macedonia.


2001: Ministry of Culture of Macedonia. For solo show and publishing the catalog for “White of Mind”. Skopje, Macedonia.

          Museum of The City of Skopje. 


2002:  Ministry Of Culture of Austria.  3-month residency and solo show at Galerie Lang. Vienna, Austria. 


           Ministry of Culture of Austria. 2-month residency and group show at Kunst-halle, Krems, Austria. 


2003: Ministry of Culture of Austria / UNESCO. Aschberg Program. Publication of book “My Silence”.

          Poetry written to my images by Michael Stiller. Vienna, Austria. 


2005:  Ministry of Culture of Serbia. Publication of catalog and solo show for “Silence”. Belgrade, Serbia.


2006:  Ministry of Culture of Macedonia together with the Ministry of Culture of Bosnia-Herzegovnia.

           For the solo show“Light-Trembling” Gallery IPC. 22nd International Winter Arts  Festival in Sarajevo. 


           Ministry of Culture of Macedonia. 2-month studio residence Cite Des Arts in Paris, France. 


2007:  City Council of Skopje, Macedonia. Publication and solo show of “Black - White” in the gallery at City Hall

          in Nimberg, Germany. On the occasion of the jubilee 25th  year of citizenship between Skopje, Macedonia and

           Nurnberg, Germany. 


          Ministry of Culture of Macedonia, grant for 1 month solo show and residency at Gallery MC in New York City.  


2009:  Ministry of Culture of Macedonia, grant for the solo show and publishing of catalog  for “Trembling”, Gallery KIC,

           Sofia, Bulgaria.


2010:  Ministry of Culture of Macedonia, for the solo show “Doppler” at the Prima Center Gallery in Berlin, Germany.          

           1 month residency. 


2011:  Citibank grant for solo show “Evoke” in Manhattan, NYC, 5th Avenue Branch.


2014: Ministry of Culture of Macedonia. 2-month studio residence Cite Des Arts in Paris, France / January-February