Maria Pavlovska | Shows







Solo shows 




1999     - Skopje, Macedonia,  impressions, Gallery Stobi


2000     - Ohrid, Macedonia, House of Culture "Gligor Prlicev" Ohrid Summer Festival

             - Struga, Macedonia, Public Museum "Vangel Kodzoman"

    - Skopje, Macedonia, Museum of Contemporary Art/the youngest artist who exhibited there


2001     - Skopje, Macedonia, “Black and White stories”, Gallery of DLUM/Skopje Summer Festival/

               the youngest author who exhibited there

             - Skopje, Macedonia, “White of Mine”, Museum of the City Of Skopje, exhibition of paintings, M.F.A.

                at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje /the youngest MA of the Academy of Art


2002      -Vienna, Austria, project - VIENNA; Lang Gallery. 


2003     -Vienna, Austria, solo-exhibition with a map- promotion  ”My silence”, Lang Gallery 


2004      -Skopje, Macedonia-solo-exhibition with a map-promotion  ”My silence”, Museum of Contemporary Art


2005      -Skopje, Macedonia, British Council – art project space / opening of the new gallery space with  this exhibition

             - Skopje, Macedonia, “Schwarzeberge”-Promotion of book, Skopje Book Fair’s Johan Buder- Maria Pavlovska/  drawings

             - Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, “Gallery 73” , “Silence”


2006     - Festival Sarajevo “ Sarajevo,  winter 2006

             - Paris, France, Parisian stories, Cite International des Arts


2007    - Skopje, Macedonia, “Parisian stories” , France Cultural Center - Nurnberg, Germany,  “Black – White”, City Gallery at

               City House, jubilee 25th year of citizenship Skopje - Nurnberg 

             - New York City, USA, ”Silence”, at Gallery MC, New York


2009     - Sofia, Bulgaria, “Trembling”, Gallery KIC

2010     - New York, USA, Black & White ,  Boricua College, Graham Campus

              - Berlin, Germany, “Doppler”, Prima Center Gallery


2011     - New York, USA, “Reverberation”,  Boricua College, Northside Campus

              - New York, USA, “Evoke”, Citibank, 5th Avenue 60th street Branch 


2014    - New York , USA, Drawing Room Gallery/ May 

            - Connecticut USA, “Doppeler 2”, FLA Gallery / Juny-July

2015    - Washington DC, USA, “ Doppler” ,  Embassy of the  Republic of Makedonija , Washington DC/ March-April