Every painting that comes from the soul and that derives from something pure within us, functions as a kind of quotidian poetry in action. My images are a series of such stories, small secrets, revealed to me in confidence, translated in pictorial terms.  


I often look for extreme situations. Situations that leave me speechless and that instigate me to record it. I embrace the artistic inner weaving with one breath of my restlessness, making works of art through curved and restless lines, which put together form stories about a period of time, a contact, a conversation, a touch, a conflict, incident. These stories are about the world, the space in me and around me. 


The reduction of colors and the prevalence of drawing in the work is a dominant element in my process of research and the aesthetics as a whole. It is a signifier of existence, with the notion that no matter the situation at hand, things often end up “black or white” with a yes or a no, a can or a cannot, a have or a have not, voluntary or involuntary. 


Lastly, the works are a kind of inscription as well, a type of document, like a witness of the time of which they are survivors. These inscriptions, and the body of my work a whole are in a firmly demarcated minimalist mode, this expressive path has been the most natural vehicle of my vision. 


The works have an expressive-abstract-lyrical association, where the art of painting is brought to the limits of the symbolic, the painted object not only determines the idea, but it determines itself as well as a formal reality.