A Reaction - Project Statement


Pavlovska's fierce works—comprised of striking, deliberate scrawls—embrace polar opposites:

light and dark, full and empty, black and white. 

This video-portrait, project: A Reaction, shot in Pavlovska’s studio at Mana Contemporary, unveils the

artist’s lighting bolt-like making process as she navigates both physical and metaphysical space.

The video material describes the full process of the project and the installation, produced by

MANA Contemporary/ Courtesy of Mana Contemporary.




The creative energy of Maria Pavlovska is expressed through sensory and intellectual engagement

uttered throughout her drawings, paintings and conceptual practices, elements of which are all part

of this installation. Searching for the visual sign of our modern age, she embarks on a quest for dominant

visual and spiritual markers, transposed via fine art and visual recordings in her works of personal

reminiscences and emotional recollection. Her artwork contains elements of reality altered into symbolic

signs that narrate fragments of memories, intimacy, personal space, and a moment arrested in time – 

a sort of emotional landscape of the soul and spirituality. Driven by the passion of discovering new

expressive possibilities, she explores different stylistic and conceptual approaches towards her métier. 


The project A-REACTION unites various fine art disciplines like drawing, painting, sculpture and above all

installation, i.e. multimedia as conceptual art discourse.

The project includes an introduction to the installation (overture) –  thirteen large artworks

in different formats.


The darkened room, in which the installation is set, comes out of a metal box, aesthetically made and

placed as a pedestal. A halogen light is being projected towards the object-sculpture made out of wire

and whose shape, in the form of a shadow, is being reflected in space. The sculpture, with dimensions

10-30 cm or bigger, is made of wire in a specific form that is a transposition of the drawing.

Through a lighting reflection of the object-sculpture, a shadow-drawing is being transmitted in the space

with dimensions 2-20m or larger.


This effect generates a reaction and sensibility of aesthetic refinement of the space, i.e. a sort of 

aesthetics of space-within-the-space.

There is also an element of interaction for the visitor who becomes an integral part of the installation

as their shadow is interwoven with the one of the installation. This communicates its own experience

that is sometimes a monologue, and sometimes a dialogue, with the installation and the space.

This experience gives a feeling of intimacy – the space and me; me in the space; the space in me

and around me / Reaction – A Reaction.