Maria Pavlovska | Bio

Maria Pavlovska was born in Skopje, Macedonia (Former Yugoslavia) in 1975. BA and MA she receved at the Faculty of Fine Art in Skopje, Macedonia. Her work has been featured around the globe in over 28 solo shows and more than 100 group international exhibitions including Art Basel Miami, The Kunsthalle-Vienna and Kunsthalle-Krems (Austria), Gallery Lang (Vienna), Cite Internationale des Arts, The Dock (Paris), Museum of Contemporary Art, The National Gallery, Museum of the City - Skopje (Macedonia), City House in Nurnberg (Germany), Station Gallery, Gallery MC, The Open Space Gallery, Citibank (New York), FLA Gallery (Connecticut), Viota Gallery (San Juan - Puerto Rico), Prima Center (Berlin), MANA Contemporary and Drawing Rooms (New Jersey). Her work is held in private and public collections worldwide, including embassies, museums, galleries and libraries.

Her artistic journey started at an early age. She took up residencies in Paris, Slovenia, Vienna and Nuremberg (Germany). After her first solo in New York in 2007, she has lived between Skopje and New York and continued to be active in the New York art scene. Her artwork has been featured in many magazines, newspaper articles, and museum and gallery catalogs world-wide. She was runner-up for the Venice Biennale in 2015. Her project “A Reaction” was nominated to represent her country, Macedonia for that year. Maria participated in Art Basel Miami in 2014, represented by MANA, was awarded Citibank Artist of the Year - an Annual Solo Show at the 60th St/5th Ave. branch in NYC in 2011, also received Carole Fereuman Foundation award at the “Mixing Media” international show hosted by Carole Fereuman Foundation in 2015 and has been awarded 11 Arts grants throughout her career. Her studio residence has been at MANA Contemporary, a leading Contemporary Art Center in the New York City area since 2012.

Hailing from a family of creative artists - her father is an esteemed painter internationally, (National Order of Merit Award for the Arts 2011, Macedonia), her older sister is a leading musicologist and her younger sister is an international classical pianist - it is apparent that her artistic energy is ingrained within the very fabric of her being. Although part of a distinguished cultural family legacy, Maria has achieved significant recognition in her own right.

Critics have described her work as having "a strong personality" which "translates her topics of choice into pictorial language that demonstrates a quietly powerful eloquence". She has received praise from critics worldwide for her drawings and paintings with work that reflects painting as a battlefield, where light and darkness fight and the result is unpredictable. One sees the lightning bolts of ideas at work, as they are being worked out. This sort of simultaneous image "process / result " dialectic lies frozen in space, stimulating the viewer to actively participate in the image creation themselves by way of investigation, inviting myriad readings within a given theme.